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Q. Do we provide free quotes?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I need plans drawn up before I can get a quote?

A. In simple terms yes,
without plans drawn each builder wil l interpret your instructions differently, hence the huge difference in price from each builders quote. Builders are paid to build not design. If plans aren't drawn at the initial quote stage for the builder you are not going to get a quote that can be used to enter into a contract, what you'll receive is a guestimate or a ball park number which is very dangerous position for both parties concerned.

Q. Who draws up plans?

A. We can offer a service if require. We can work together with the designer and tailor a home around your ideas and budget. It is important at this stage to provide as much information as possible including your budget, a basic brief on what you would expect to be built.The designer will of course give their advice and options in regards to design. A good designer will be able to advise you whether your plans can be lodged as a Building Application or you've got town planning issues meaning you may have to lodge Development Applictaion first.

Q. Who lodges the building application?

A. We lodge the building application along with other documentation.

Q. What insurance does the Builder supply?

A. Builders have to apply to the Builders Registration Board for home warranty insurance to the amount used in the contract. As well as carrying Public Liability Insurance and Building Works Cover. Most financial institutions will ask the builder to supply this documentation prior to approving the finance.

A.You can carry out Licence searches via the Builders Registration Board website